When You Should Seek Legal Advice for a Biking Accident or Injury

The initial shock of being struck by a vehicle while riding your bike can be a traumatic experience. After the dust settles and medical attention is provided, you may begin wondering about insurance companies, lawyers, medical bills, and more.

A significant injury that may have long-lasting effects can create a long list of complications. These complications can be both legal and medical and they may end up requiring complex resolutions.

After a bike accident, you may be asking yourself, “Do I really need a lawyer?” Let’s take a look at some circumstances in which you should strongly consider contacting a lawyer.

An important note to remember is that many attorneys offer free consultations. So if you are uncertain, it will not cost you any money to call and discuss your circumstances and possible course of action.

Biking Accident Injuries

If you face debilitating injuries such as a traumatic brain injury or a severely fractured limb, you may be eligible for additional compensation.

Being injured from a bicycle injury is perhaps the biggest indicator that you should speak with an attorney. If you are fortunate enough to walk away with mild injuries, you may still have significant medical bills to pay.

Additionally, some injuries may not reveal obvious symptoms immediately following the crash but will reveal themselves after some time passes.

For example, a traumatic brain injury can result in cognitive changes and mood swings that are not immediately noticed. If you face debilitating injuries such as a traumatic brain injury or a severely fractured limb, you may be eligible for additional compensation.

Calculating Your Damages

When damages are calculated, attorneys take into consideration a number of factors. For example, for a severely broken leg, you will face significant medical costs for possible surgery and rehabilitation. Those costs can be documented by the hospital.

On the more complicated end, there are damages such as lost workdays and emotional trauma that must be calculated. This job is best left to attorneys with experience in representing bike accident cases and in dealing with insurance companies.

Don’t Rush Into Settlement Offers

If you successfully navigated the legal process without having an attorney and are receiving settlement offers, it is advisable to pause before making any decisions. A settlement offer may seem appealing at first; however, it is wise to consult with a bike accident lawyer to ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve.

It is possible to underestimate the number of damages you are owed. Additionally, you may discover later on that you are suffering from lingering symptoms or pain that were not immediately recognizable.

If you accept a settlement offer without an attorney reviewing its details, you will be prohibited from seeking additional damages later on if more injuries are discovered.

Handling Insurance Companies

Due to their inherent business models, insurance companies aim to offer the lowest compensation possible. If you have suffered injuries and quickly realize you might need to make a claim with the driver’s insurance company, you should consider speaking with a bike accident attorney.

Additionally, if you start getting phone calls from either your insurance company or the driver’s, do not answer questions until you have received proper legal advice. Bike accident claims can be complex, and it is possible your statements may be used against you when it comes to calculating damages and settlements.

Contested Liability

Bike accident claims can be complex, and it is possible your statements may be used against you when it comes to calculating damages and settlements.

If you encounter a vehicle operator who denies responsibility and is accusing you of fault, you should consider speaking with an attorney. In this situation, be certain to not answer any questions the vehicle operator may ask you. Additionally, do not admit to fault or apologize for anything.

In a contested case, a bike accident lawyer will be able to guide you in filing a detailed claim that will cover your damages. Contested claims can be long and complex and it will be necessary for both sides to gather as much evidence as they can to present compelling arguments. Due to the nature of this process, it is best to have an experienced attorney at your side.

Protect your Legal Rights

Whenever there is uncertainty about a legal predicament, it is best to consult an attorney. A majority of attorneys are happy to offer free consultations in order to give you a general idea of your situation’s trajectory. In our legal system, you are afforded certain rights and opportunities to remedy injuries you have sustained, both physical and mental. These rights and legal pathways may not always be readily apparent to non-lawyers. Therefore, it is best to consult an attorney if there is ever any doubt about your legal situation.

Contact Goodnow & McKay for a Consultation

If you or a loved one have been injured in a bike accident, contact the law firm of Goodnow & McKay for a consultation. We have years of experience representing personal injury claims, including bike accidents. Sustaining injuries from a bike accident is a serious incident, and we are happy to help you through the process so you can focus on recovering.

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