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Bicyclists are some of the most at-risk individuals on the road. Often times, it is important to have an attorney who is familiar with types of recovery for cyclist injuries sustained as a result of a car accident so you can have the maximum methods of recovery. Often, bicyclists suffer severe injury from the tremendous weight and force of a vehicle. Bicyclists will often have debilitating injuries and massive medical bills as a result of an automobile-involved accident. The case involves two different claims—one for the damage to the property and one for the damage to the bicyclist's body. Both of these damages are covered by the offending driver's automobile insurance policy. These cases can become complicated but members of Goodnow|McKay are experienced with these claims and are here to help. Chris Goodnow is an avid cycist and former US Cycling competitor and, as such, is familiar with the factual and legal scenarios surrounding bicycle accident cases. We are committed to helping our clients recover fair compensation. We are often able to negotiate reasonable settlements with the responsible insurance companies, but we are willing to fight for our clients through trial if necessary.

Proving the Case:


Pursuant to Arizona law, a victim who is injured as the result of another's negligence may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Under Arizona law there are two potential types of negligence claims. The first, general negligence, occurs when a person failed to act reasonably and, as a result of that failure, injured another. This would occur if a motorist was operating his or her vehicle in an unsafe manner and injured a cyclist as a result. Alternatively, violation of a statute governing the conduct of motorists may constitute negligence per se. Common negligence per se scenarios includes: a motorist driving in a designated bike lane, passing a bicycle without leaving a safe distance, or following another vehicle on the road more closely than is reasonable and prudent.


In certain cases, a citation may be enough to show negligence on behalf of the driver. If a citation was not issued then our firm will investigate facts and law to help prove a common law negligence claim.



According to AZDOT, Arizona had the following accident statistics for 2017:


  • 1702 total pedestrian-related crashes.
  • 1,510 pedestrians were injured by cars.
  • 226 pedestrians died as a result of a car accidents.
  • 1,371 bike riders were injured by cars.
  • 32 bike riders died as a result of a car accidents.


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