Prescott Car Crash Lawyers Discuss Lawsuits, Legal Claims, and Settlements

“Arizona state law requires you to report accidents that involve injuries or death.”

Cars and other passenger vehicles provide reliable transportation every day for millions of Arizona residents. Unfortunately, car accidents are extremely common. Collisions can range from frustrating and minor to terrifying and life-threatening.

In 2018, riders in Arizona were involved in over 127,000 car crashes. Of these, more than 900 resulted in fatal injuries. Non-fatal injuries were even more prevalent.

If you have been hurt in a collision in Prescott or the surrounding areas, you may be able to seek financial compensation for the associated costs of your recovery. A car accident attorney can review the facts of your accident or injury and help you to determine the best path forward.

When you need a car crash lawyer in Prescott, Goodnow McKay can help. Our accomplished attorneys have a history of winning compensation for the victims of traffic collisions.

In the following post, we will examine the laws about reporting car accidents and the types of damages that car crash victims can recover.

Automobile Laws in Prescott for Accident Reports

Many states require that drivers report any type of car accident after it happens. Arizona does not. If a collision only involves property damage, you are not legally required to report it in Arizona.

However, Arizona state law requires you to report accidents that involve injuries or death. When a collision results in the injury or death of an involved party, you should reach out to one of the following authorities:

  • The police department of the municipality in which the crash occurred
  • The county sheriff’s office
  • The office of highway patrol closest to the accident scene

Failing to report an accident may result in more severe legal liabilities, or, difficulty proving your case later. In addition to calling the authorities, you should also speak with a Prescott car crash lawyer.

Arizona Traffic Collision Statute of Limitations

As with most tort cases, car accidents have a statute of limitations. This is a legal time limit to file a case with the courts, after which the victim cannot pursue financial recovery.

Under Arizona state law, car accidents have the same statute of limitations as most other personal injury cases. Typically, there is a two-year deadline for the plaintiff to file their car accident case.

It is important to speak with auto collision lawyers as soon as possible to ensure that the relevant paperwork is filed on time. Failing to file a claim within the appropriate time frame will make it impossible to pursue compensation.

Typically, the statute of limitations is not an issue in car crash cases. This is because most car accident victims experience significant financial losses shortly after their collision and seek a claim quickly.

The two-year statute of limitations begins on the date of the crash. It is important to note, however, that there can be legal exceptions for the two-year limit in some cases. Speak with a Prescott car crash lawyer to discuss the specific circumstances of your case.

Types of Damages in Car Crash Cases

If you were injured in a car crash because of another person’s negligent driving, you may decide to file a lawsuit. Doing so will allow you to pursue compensation for the losses that you suffered because of the accident.

You will have a good chance of recovering damages if you can show that the other driver was not adhering to Prescott auto safety regulations.

There are two primary types of damages in car accident cases that you might pursue:  Economic and non-economic damages.

Economic Damages

This type of damages can be easily calculated in monetary terms. The following are common examples of economic damages in car accident cases:

  • Medical bills and expenses (both current and future)
  • Lost wages and income from missed work due to injuries
  • Costs for repairing or replacing a damaged vehicle
  • Loss of long-term earning potential

A skilled personal injury attorney can help you to determine the relevant economic damages in your case.

Non-Economic Damages

“You will have a good chance of recovering damages if you can show that the other driver was not adhering to Prescott auto safety regulations.”

Whereas economic damages are easy to calculate, non-economic damages involve a subjective judgment. Non-economic damages are those losses that do not include a price tag.

Common types of non-economic damages in traffic accident cases include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Negative impact to quality of life
  • Emotional distress and trauma
  • Disfigurement and disability
  • Loss of consortium (usually invoked in wrongful death cases or life-altering injury cases)

There is no single or universal value for car accident claims. A Prescott car crash lawyer can examine the unique features of your case to help you estimate the damages.

Trials and Settlements in Prescott, AZ

Many claimants do not want to risk losing their case at trial. Trials are always possible when you pursue damages following a car accident. However, trials are not an inevitability.

In fact, most car crash cases are resolved before a trial becomes necessary. The majority of cases are resolved through “settlements.” A settlement is a resolution to a personal injury dispute that takes place outside of the courtroom.

The economic and personal costs of going to court often incentivize people to reach an agreement before the case escalates to trial. Having the right legal representation is crucial to the success of a settlement.

The accomplished car accident attorneys at Goodnow McKay can fight hard to secure the best deal for you. You should not have to bear the financial burdens from injuries caused by someone else’s negligent driving. A skilled lawyer will help you to understand whether a settlement offer is appropriate, given the losses you have suffered.

Only you can decide whether a settlement offer is right for you. But a knowledgeable attorney can help to guide you through the entire car accident claims process. Maximize your settlement and contact us today for a free case evaluation.