Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Discuss How to Maximize the Value of Your Motorcycle Injury Case

“Motorcycle accident victims can miss work often because of injuries they’ve sustained, missing out on promotions and new opportunities for advancement.”

Any seasoned Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer has seen their fair share of motorcycle accidents, ranging from minor fender benders to wrecks resulting in life-changing permanent injuries. Motorcycle safety laws are in place in Arizona and across the nation, however, motorcycle drivers are not responsible for the actions of other motorists.

Chris Goodnow, of the Phoenix-based personal injury law firm, Goodnow McKay, says that it’s all too common that motorcycle accidents in Phoenix are caused by irresponsible car drivers who don’t properly share the road.

Tips to Help Injured Motorcyclists Maximize the Value of Their Case

The motorcycle attorneys at Goodnow McKay have been representing accident victims and their families in Phoenix for years, and they’ve shared some of their tips to help injured motorcyclists maximize the value of their case.

Take Photos of the Accident

Because of the injuries you may have suffered, taking photos simply won’t be possible in the moments following the motorcycle accident. However, if you’re able, taking photos of the scene will create a record of important facts related to the accident. Take photos that show the:

  • location or intersection
  • weather conditions
  • condition of the road
  • road conditions, construction, and other signs (or the lack of signs)
  • damage to any vehicles
  • license plates
  • damage to property
  • skid marks
  • witnesses
  • your injuries

Identify the Other Drivers

You will also want to know who the other drivers are. Attorney McKay notes that under ARS 28-661 and ARS 28-663, the other driver is required by law to stay at the accident scene long enough to:

  • give you their name and address and the registration number of the vehicle they are driving;
  • show you their driver license upon request; and
  • offer “reasonable assistance” including helping you get medical attention if treatment is necessary.

Seek Necessary Medical Attention

The cost of medical care may make it difficult to seek medical attention, especially if you don’t have insurance. For your well-being and to pursue the best possible personal injury claim, seek medical care as soon as possible. Medical attention is essential to supporting your injuries and damages, as well as, to the quality of your injury case.

Go to Your Doctor’s Appointments

You should make sure to keep your medical appointments as scheduled with your provider. If you miss your appointments, this can be used against you in future to try and prove that your injuries were not as severe as you claimed.

Go to Physical Therapy

If you are referred to a physical therapist by your primary care physician or specialist, please go to every appointment so you can recover. Physical therapy referrals are very common following initial medical care. Doing this, just like attending your doctor’s appointments, will show that you’re taking your injury and recovery seriously.

Seek Mental Health Assistance

Seek the help of mental health professionals if necessary. When a person has suffered from a motorcycle accident, it is very important they seek help to get over the trauma and heal.

Keep Records

Emergency medical service records (such as ambulance or paramedic expenses), emergency room treatment records, diagnostic records related to injuries, test results, lab reports, etc. are items you should organize and keep available.

Medical Care Record

Keep records of all doctor’s appointments, medical treatments, physical therapy logs, and therapy appointments. These will all be used to prove the extent of your physical and emotional damages.

Maintain Receipts

Receipts are easy to lose, and even though online banking has come a long way, they still don’t upload itemized receipts. Save all your receipts and take photos of them in case you lose them.

Keep Track of Wage Loss

Motorcycle accident victims can miss work often because of injuries they’ve sustained, missing out on promotions and new opportunities for advancement. Make sure to keep a solid record of lost wages, both current and future.

Do Not Make Any Statements to the Insurance Company Without Representation

Motorcycle wrecks in Phoenix, AZ are extremely common, and so are insurance adjusters. Insurance adjusters are hired by insurance companies to process claims made on driver policies. Adjusters are incentivized to minimize liability and payments to injured people. Insurance adjusters are known for either challenging liability all together or offering extremely low payments to personal injury victims; often so low that they don’t even cover the medical bills. It’s important to hire a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer before providing any information to the insurance company.

Know What Your Statute of Limitations Is

All personal injury claims have a deadline by when you have to file your claim in court. These deadlines, called statutes of limitation, are very strict and many claimants lose their cases simply because they waited too long to file. Be sure you know when your statute of limitations is for your personal injury claim.

If you hire an experienced Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney, they will calculate the statute of limitations for you. They’ll make sure to either settle your claim before the deadline or file the necessary paperwork in court to preserve your case.

Retain a Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Just last fall, a pick-up truck hit and killed a motorcyclist in Phoenix before fleeing from the scene. Months later in December, a passenger car killed a motorcyclist after failing to yield at an intersection. Motorcycle wrecks in Phoenix, AZ like these are both devastating and frequent. And, high stakes personal injury claims and lawsuits usually follow.

An experienced phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer will protect your rights if you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident. In addition to making sure you don’t miss any deadlines, they will also ensure that you are represented both in and out of court.

Attorneys who specialize in motorcycle law will have expertise and knowledge of the numerous rules and laws specific to this field. Moreover, they will be familiar with other factors that affect motorcycle riders in particular.