Do Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Nursing Home Abuse Cases?

Sometimes, the nursing home staff ends up harming the very people they are supposed to protect.

We often hear alarming stories about nursing home abuse; these stories have become common and many people are no longer surprised by them.

Residents living in nursing homes often move there when they are no longer able to care for themselves. It is expected that the nursing home staff will provide the proper care and attention for them.

The reality is that cases of elder abuse and neglect often occur in nursing homes. Unfortunately, sometimes the nursing care staff ends up harming the very people they are supposed to protect.

Abuse in Residential Care Homes

Physical violence, sexual molestation, financial extortion, and emotional harm have become reoccurring forms of abuse in residential care homes. This results in the residents being severely injured both physically and mentally, leading to death in some cases.

What is most concerning is that many do not know how to seek legal redress. Many people are confused as to whether they are able to bring a claim for nursing home abuse.

The most common question many people ask is whether personal injury attorneys handle nursing home abuse cases? And, the answer is a big YES. Personal injury lawyers will help you handle home abuse cases.

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury attorney is a lawyer that gives legal services to those who are inspired either physically or mentally due to the negligence of another entity.

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

Due to a shallow understanding of the legal system and how things work, many do not see the usefulness of getting a personal injury lawyer. While you might not need a lawyer to file a claim, getting a personal injury attorney will make the entire process easier.

Several benefits come from hiring a personal injury lawyer for a nursing home abuse case. Aside from ensuring financial compensation, they also remove the stress of all the legalities involved with filing for a claim, especially for those without previous legal experience.

“Physical violence, sexual molestation, financial extortion, and emotional harm have become reoccurring forms of abuse in residential care homes.”

Let’s take a look at the various ways a personal injury attorney can help you:

Gather Information

The first thing your attorney will help you with is to gather information. Your attorney will get information such as Photographic/Video evidence, witness statement, medical records, and so on.

File the Case

The next thing your lawyer will do is help you file a claim in court and notify the defendant with formal documentation. There are several laws that outline when, how, and where you can file a lawsuit for nursing home abuse. Fortunately, a licensed attorney knows all the local, state, and national laws regarding nursing home abuse and will file the cases appropriately.

Take Care Of the Legal Difficulties

Large corporations sometimes invest in owning nursing homes, and as a result, they can afford a top-notch defense. Having an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer will give you the best chance of receiving compensation.

Prepare for Discovery

In this phase, your attorney will step up their effort on collecting and organizing information. This is to help you build a strong case and might involve getting testimonies from witnesses.

Negotiate a Settlement

Since the reputation of the nursing home is at stake, most abuse cases don’t go to trial. Once they see the seriousness on the plaintiff’s side, they usually try to reach an agreement. Through the settlement, the victim receives a financial payout, and the case is dismissed. Your attorney will ensure you are not cheated and you get the right amount you deserve

Commence a Trial

If all things fail and a settlement can’t be agreed upon. Then, the case will be taken to trial. The Judge will decide how much compensation (and sometimes nothing will be given) will be given to the victims.

Resolve the Lawsuit

The personal injury lawyer will help you resolve the case in a way that will be most favorable to the victims. The trial will get resolved when the judge reaches a verdict, and even if you lose, your lawyer can appeal to overturn the verdict.

Common Misconceptions About Hiring A Lawyer

It’s not just about getting a lawyer. It’s about getting an experienced lawyer. Many believe that hiring any lawyer will be fine but that’s entirely untrue. Remember, you might be dealing with a nursing home owned by a large corporation that has top-notch legal practitioners at their disposal. This is another reason you need a lawyer with experience in nursing home abuse and neglect.

Among the abundance of law firms, some have set themselves apart as beyond the ordinary—one of them is Goodnow Mckay. With over a thousand clients helped and a win rate of 99%, you are in safe hands for potential nursing home abuse cases.

Another misconception that discourages many from getting a personal injury lawyer is the cost. At the mention of getting an attorney, many become worried about the financial burden. While legal redress can sometimes be expensive, Goodnow Mckay does not charge their customers beforehand. In short, if it does not help you win the case, you won’t be charged.

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